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Recently, it has become more and more “trendy” and “fashionable” to shop ethically and sustainably- which makes us so happy! This increased awareness of the slow fashion movement is extremely important. Making socially and environmentally responsible decisions while buying clothes can be the foundation for a much bigger impact on the world. But sometimes words such as “ethical” or “fair trade certified”  get thrown around without customers really understanding what they mean. To us, none of these labels truly matter. What we prioritize is the impact. And sometimes, no label can accurately represent that! So we wanted to take a moment to share with you the impact you make when you buy from us.

Part of the mission of Hiptipico is to always pay above the minimum wage. In addition, we encourage the women to make decisions for themselves. From where they work, how much they work and who they work with - each woman is empowered to create a life/work balance she is comfortable with.  In order to ensure fair earnings, we allow our artisans to set their own prices. We ensure all of our artisan partners have received training and support around budgeting for raw materials and pricing appropriately their hourly salary that exceed the local minimum wage. Our individual artisans exercise control in determining the piece rate, and our cooperatives are worker-owned organizations that share the profits as a collective.

Beyond financial support, we provide a security network for the women and their families. Whether they come to our office or we visit them in the community, being based in Guatemala allows us to build a strong relationship built on mutual respect and trust. Most importantly, we are coworkers, friends and a strong female community that respect one another!

"Working with Hiptipico means I always have consistent work, I am paid a fair wage, and I receive my payment on time."

Impact in numbers: Working With The Chontola Women's Weaving Cooperative

0 factories

20 women employed

60 percent profit increase

70 family members impacted

100% slow fashion

Curious about slow fashion within our company? The women in our partner cooperative work at their own pace, set their own hours, and have power over their own livelihood. Without depending on their husbands, the women work in a happy environment amongst their sisters, aunts, cousins and neighbors. No sweatshops. No factories.

By purchasing a handmade camera strap from our woven collection  you are helping to provide this dignified job opportunity to every woman in our partner weaving cooperative. Earning a fair wage and profiting 60% more than at the local market, each woman is able to consistently provide more resources for her family.

We are so proud of the impact we have made, and it's all thanks to you! We are so grateful for your support and interest in making conscious shopping decisions. Every purchase makes a difference, and we are grateful you chose to shop with us. 


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