Hiptipico is an ethical fashion brand based in Panajachel, Guatemala showcasing Mayan artisans and their handmade creations. Every Hiptipico item is thoughtfully handcrafted by indigenous communities, using high-quality sustainable materials.
The name Hiptipico came from the Spanish word, “tipico,” which is the traditional clothing worn by the indigenous Mayan people in Guatemala. Incorporating the local word "tipico" into our name and using it as the basis of our brand reflects our dedication to preserving indigenous culture and creating dignified job opportunities through the promotion of this traditional art form.




Hiptipico’s mission is to create a sustainable avenue for quality artisan products to reach the global fashion marketplace. Our goal is to support the creativity, ingenuity and passion of local Guatemalan artisans while preserving Mayan culture and traditions.
Hiptipico honors the Mayan culture, motivates local entrepreneurial spirits and empowers families and communities.




At Hiptipico, we want to create an outlet for socially responsible consumers who are seeking a sustainable alternative to mass-produced clothing and accessories.
We are dedicated to changing the way people shop. At Hiptipico, you know where your goods are coming from, how they are made and exactly who made them. We share with you the true story behind each item, including the artisans' history and the traditional technique used to craft every piece is our way of empowering our artisan partners and giving them a voice.

It is important to us that we create an environment where our artisan partners can make decisions about their crafts, gain opportunities for their family business, and bring their personal designs to fruition. At Hiptipico, we do not interfere with the design or production process. All items are created by the artisans themselves. Through this dignified job opportunity, Mayan artisans partner with HIptipico to lift themselves out of poverty while doing something they love.




Hiptipico’s business model is built on trust, transparency and mutual respect. Hiptipico’s full-time staff and founder are based in Panajachel, Guatemala allowing them to cultivate personal relationships with each individual artisan partner. Unlike other brands, Hiptipico is not an independent designer or simply a buyer stopping through once or twice a year. Hiptipico is a curated collection of authentic artisan-quality products designed by the Mayan people.

Hiptipico's unique collection features various artisans - all indigenous, all worthy of global recognition, all able to compete at the highest level. While our artisan partners did not go to fashion design school their traditional crafts can compete with the best of the best in the fashion industry. Their techniques have been perfected and passed down from generation to generation and Hiptipico simply opens a channel for their creations to reach the global marketplace.

We are transparent with our artisans and customers about our pricing. The majority of Hiptipico’s artisan partners are specialists in their field and have their own pre-determined pricing structures. But Hiptipico also works closely with the smaller cooperatives and women’s weaving groups to determine a fair wage based on the cost of materials, hours of work, and overall value of their product on the global market.
The elevation in our retail prices is due to the fair wages we pay our partners, our push for more wholesale collaborations, and the extent of our remoteness. Hiptipico is not located near any major city and courier service from our tiny village is an obstacle we are working to improve.




Hiptipico is proudly founded and completely staffed by women! Our founding principles revolve around equality, empowerment and authenticity. Here at Hiptipico, we lift each other up daily in the office while working to provide a strong platform to the female artisans we work with. 
Sharing our artisan partners’ incredible stories of motherhood, fashion evolution, cultural preservation and design innovation is what brings us together. We're inspired by these strong Mayan women who fight constant battles of discrimination, poverty and modernization of their culture. They are a bright example of why we are proud to be female! 
Read our founder's story :: here ::  and learn more about our specific social :: impact :: programs.



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