↡ learn about the various techniques our artisans use ↡


Unlike more common methods of beading with computerized machines, all of our designs are carefully crafted by hand - with female artisans placing beads one by one. Beading with care, artisans create rows of beads line by line memorizing the design pattern, ultimately creating a high-quality product that you can both see and feel.


The uridora is used prior to weaving and is the tool needed to separate the thread. This is the raw creative moment when the female artisan engages in her personal design and self-expression.

Backstrap Loom

A backstrap loom is a traditional weaving tool used by Maya artisans in Guatemala. Moving their bodies back and forth to tighten and loosen the tension, the weaver's body is practically part of the loom and the weaving.

Foot Pedal Loom

A pedal-loom is an artisanal weaving method that uses the artisan's feet to alternately lift and lower the thread. A more stationary weaving process, these looms can get quite large and are operated by both men and women.

Handcrafted Leather

Our leather is locally sourced and manipulated by our skilled leather artisans in small home workshops. Our artisan partners use traditional techniques for cutting, stitching, tooling and stamping by hand.

Sustainably Sourced

Every textile we source from the local market is designed and crafted by a single artist. We do not interfere with the artist's creative process, so you get the unfiltered authenticity of the indigenous traditions of Guatemala.

Artisan Spotlight: Lydia

Originally from the vibrant town of Chichicastenango, Lydia grew up surrounded by textiles and embroideries. As a young girl she frolicked amongst patterns and colors as her mother sold used traditional textiles at the market.