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We offer authentic opportunities to visit our artisans partners. Contact us for an unforgettable immersion tour to the village of your choice. We offer weaving lessons, natural dye seminars, home-stays and artisan workshops around Lake Atitlan. 

You will have the incredible opportunity to join the Hiptipico team to visit some of our beloved artisans and get a firsthand glimpse at not only the work that Hiptipico does, but also the beautiful techniques of Maya weavers. 


Ethical Sourcing ↡ Textile Markets

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↡ Traditional Home Workshop ↡

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Santa Catarina Palopo

Artisan Home Visit ↡ Embroidery Demonstration

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San Juan la Laguna

Natural Dye Workshop ↡ Backstrap Weaving Class

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Take a natural dye class in Guatemala


Ethical Sourcing from the Largest Market in Central America

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Be a part of something bigger than yourself! Our Cultural Immersion Tours are designed for travelers, young professionals and families looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a desire to use their vacation to make a positive social impact. 

Our program focuses on providing participants with a truly immersive experience visiting the beautifully diverse country of Guatemala. Explore some of the most striking parts of Central America and to gain insight to the Maya culture and traditions by meeting local indigenous artisans.