Guatemala's Paro Nacional: A Deep Dive into the Peaceful Protests and Roadblocks Affecting Our Artisan Community

What's Happening with the Political Crisis in Guatemala?

Guatemala is in the middle of a significant Guatemala political upheaval. On October 2nd, Guatemalan citizens across the country began peaceful protests (Guatemalan manifestaciones) in response to attempts by high-ranking prosecutors to undermine the democratic election of President-elect Bernardo Arevalo.

Known for his anti-corruption stance, Arevalo represents a vision of Guatemala that challenges the status quo and threatens the current administration.

*Photo by Teva Pena

 Guatemalan Democratic Crisis: Impact of Roadblocks

For the past two weeks, nationwide Guatemala roadblocks have paralyzed the country, shutting down businesses, limiting airport access, and causing shortages of food and fuel.

In rural and indigenous communities in Guatemala, this peaceful form of Guatemalan protests allows people to advocate for democracy.

If you have a flight in or out of La Aurora International Airport Guatemala, the suggestion is to get there one day early, driving in the late evening/early morning. (12am - 4am) 

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Impact on Hiptipico and Our Guatemalan Artisan Community

Amidst the current situation, we want to let you know that all our artisan partners and everyone within the Hiptipico network are safe, secure, and well-supplied.

While the nationwide roadblocks have affected Guatemala shipping and logistics, our artisan partners continue crafting.

If you've already placed an order, please make note that there may be some delays. Feel free to reach out to us to enquire about the status of your order.

For new orders, rest assured our artisans are eager to get started. Your purchase empowers them to continue their meaningful work, and we'll ensure your items are shipped as soon as the situation allows.

By choosing to support Hiptipico you are standing up for indigenous and human rights in Guatemala.

We live and work full-time on the ground with the artists and are led by local indigenous leadership. Your purchase directly impacts the creator of your product and your money reaches communities that need it the most.

In moments like these, we're reminded of the importance of our work. We uplift and advocate for those who face systemic barriers.

During these difficult times we  have decided to help support our Artisan Partners during these difficult times by showcasing and selling products and exclusive designs from their stores!  You can shop and support Artisans directly here.

Resources and Information

For those looking for bilingual resources or more information about the protests in English:

Guatemala paralysed as pro-democracy protests run into second week

Guatemala’s attorney general asks authorities to act against pro-democracy protests

Guatemala president-elect’s supporters block roads to protest party suspension

OAS names mediators for Guatemala conflict that threatens transfer of power

Guatemala protests intensify, demanding prosecutor resignations

Stay informed by following these social media accounts:

Festivales GT

Guatemala Human Rights Commission


For local resources in Spanish:

Puntos de Bloqueos (updated regularly)

Aeropuerto Internacional La Aurora (Prensa Libre)

For resources pertaining to the Guatemala travel advisory:

Expats in Guatemala (private facebook group)

A Message from the President-Elect

"La forma de salir de esta crisis es escuchar al pueblo y responder a su legítima demanda de respetar la democracia y cesar el golpe de estado."

- Bernardo Arévalo

"The way out of this crisis is to listen to the people and respond to their legitimate demand to respect democracy and put an end to the coup d'état."

- Bernardo Arévalo

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Your support means the world to us and our community. Thank you for standing in solidarity with the people of Guatemala during this pivotal time for Guatemalan democracy and justice.


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