Baile de los Negritos in Panajachel

The festivity of Corpus Christi, also known as El Baile de los Negritos, was celebrated in Panajachel from Monday June 5 until Sunday June 11, 2023.  This is a tradition that has been celebrated for 80+ years in the town of Sololá.  

Distinct to Panajachel, this is a full week festivity.  Locals both young and old gather together dressed in costumes and masks.  The first day locals gather in front of the catholic church to listen to Marimba while the man with the large sombrero (known as the Patron) leads the town with his tompreta (trumpet) to join and dance.  Throughout the week the town continues to gather, dressed in costumes and parade around the town to the sound of Marimba.  The festivities wrap up on Sunday with a final procession.

During the festivities many consume cusha (beverage dating back to the pre-Hispanic era and is made from fermented corn and fruit) and eat pulique (which is the traditional dish of the Mayan peoples, made from corn, tomato and Creole chicken).  We hope you enjoy our images!





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