Travel + Learn

Our goal is to create a positive space where you can learn about and share the traditions of Guatemala. When you travel with us you will experience the weaving process, cultural traditions and authentic artisan lifestyle. 

Building Authentic Connections

Our team strives to educate visitors about the thriving Maya culture and facilitate authentic relationships. We love to connect local Guatemalan artisans with socially-conscious buyers looking to source more ethically.


All of our buying and sourcing trips are completely customizable depending on your needs. Our team facilitates daily or weekly trips to source raw textiles, visit artisans homes and learn the weaving process.

Safe and Secure

We provide you with a professional guide, local currency financing, shipping logistics and translation services. Our team acts as a liaison between you and our artisan partners, helping place wholesale orders, customize new designs, and overcome the language barrier.

Why Hiptipico?

» We pride ourselves on authenticity and are dedicated to honoring the Maya culture. By sourcing traditional textiles from female artisans, we empower artisans to preserve their heritage and maintain their traditional design aesthetic, while providing a dignified job opportunity.

» Hiptipico staff lives full-time in rural Guatemala in the heart of the Maya world. We are a women run organization with a diverse team of both local experts and professional expats. Our team is committed to putting the well-being of others first and building honest and sustainable relationships.

» Our sourcing trips are not just about purchasing goods. We incorporate genuine artisan visits, bringing you into the homes of female weavers. Experiencing this lifestyle allows for a deeper appreciation of their craft. Our tours are original - offering a raw encounter with the Maya world.

Hiptipico Founder

» Hiptipico founder Alyssa earned her Master’s from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She traveled the world extensively to complete field research on global poverty reduction strategies. She worked with various sustainable development initiatives, one of which brought her to the highlands of Guatemala. 

Alyssa's desire to share authentic handcrafted goods with the world and to economically support the beautiful Maya community led to the birth of Hiptipico. Today, Alyssa has built a team on the ground in Guatemala of local females and is thrilled to share these gorgeous textiles with socially-minded consumers while supporting her network of artisans.

What’s Offered in a Buying and Sourcing Trip with Hiptipico?

⁘ Visit local artisans cooperatives around Lake Atitlan and test your hand with a weaving lessons to gain a deeper understanding of the physical connection Maya weavers have with their craft.

⁘ Source authentic textiles from hidden markets to find unique treasures and vintage pieces. 

⁘ Understand the natural dye process in San Juan la Laguna, where you’ll create your own organic, eco-friendly line. This Tz'utujil tradition uses only natural, botanical elements in their designs.

⁘ Work alongside our artisan partners to design your own leather bags, wallets and shoes!

⁘ Browse the multitude of shops at Chichicastenango, Central America’s largest open air market.  

Private Label

» Hiptipico offers private label production for select designers and brands.  

» We work with a variety of artisans who specialize in different mediums and are able to connect buyers with virtually any Guatemalan products they’re looking for. From textiles to leather bags to beaded goods - our artisans are also eager to take on customized projects with new designers.

» When sourcing products for your private line, we'll help to explain the handmade process, fabric origin, traditional technique and Maya village associated with the product. These specific details help to make for great product descriptions and stories for your thoughtful customers.