Authentic Guatemalan Michelada Recipe

Did you read our Michelada Moment blog when we visited the colorful town of San Juan la Laguna and drank micheladas overlooking all of Lake Atitlan? If so, then I bet you are super intrigued to make your own delicious michelada! Well, look no further because we put together the most authentic Guatemalan michelada recipe for you with just a few simple ingredients.

Before mixing the following ingredients, make sure you have a real Guatemalan beer like a Gallo, Cabro or Moza and go ahead and place your pint glass in the freezer to keep your michelada colder longer. Bien fria!

Ingredients (1 serving):

  • Small can of tomato or vegetable juice
  • 3+ fresh limes (go on make it zesty)
  • A healthy dash of worcestershire sauce
  • A splash of hot sauce (or two, or three, depending on your level of spice)
  • A sprinkle of Tajin
  • Salt and pepper
Guatemalan michelada beer


Mix all these ingredients well. Before serving, pour some Tajin onto a small plate. Run 1 lime wedge around the edge of a beer mug to create a salty spicy rim. Now you can pour in the mix and add about half of the beer. You can also add garnish to your michelada, such as a slice of lime, habaneros and even camarones! Keep adding the rest of your beer as you sit back and enjoy your refreshing michelada!

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