Our Michelada Moment on Lake Atitlan

If you read our Adventures in San Juan la Laguna blog then you might remember when we trekked up a mountain to reach the gorgeous Mirador Kaqasiiwaan overlooking Lake Atitlan. The day was absolutely gorgeous, bright and sunny, not a cloud in sight and you could see at least four different volcanoes including Volcan San Pedro, Toliman, Atitlan and even Fuego in the distance.

Mirador San Juan la Laguna overlooking volcanoes

Naturally, we were super thirsty after walking up the 30 minute steep incline so we decided to quench our thirst on a couple of micheladas. Luckily there was a young woman already set up with tons of drink options from tequila to jugos! She had vibrant red streaks in her hair and called out to us: “micheladas, señoritas?!” Our tongues were parched as we glanced at each other, reading one anothers minds and burst out laughing.

“Should we do it?”


(keep in mind it was only 9:30am and we didn’t even have breakfast yet.)

So, we walked into her little stall and sat at a rickety table with panoramic views of Lago Atitlan to have our liquid brunch. Each one of us ordered our michelada with her choice of beer - Amy with a Gallo, Alyssa with a Moza and Maia with a Cabro. While our micheladas were being carefully prepared, we sat around the table and chatted and laughed, planning our future adventures. And within a few short minutes were served the absolute perfect combination of tangy, salty, spicy and bien frio! 

Michelada preparation with lime juice

Even though we all take our micheladas with different beers, we of course were curious and tried each other’s to see if you could really taste the difference between the beers. While they were all pretty delicious, in the end we did agree that Moza just gave the michelada an extra special kick that brought out each individual flavor.

Traditional Guatemalan micheladas, beers

Before our michelada moment came to an end, we took a few pictures to share this memory with all of you and hope the next time you visit the incredibly vibrant village of San Juan la Laguna, you too decide to hike up to the mirador and order a michelada!

micheladas overlooking lake atitlan Guatemala

While our whole trip to San Juan la Laguna was riddled with special moments, this was definitely one of the highlights. If you want to learn the recipe for an authentic Guatemalan michelada then check out our new Michelada Recipe blog to bring the flavors of Guatemala right into your home!


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