Blogger and Influencer Trips


Our influencer trips are designed for storytellers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a desire to leverage their feed for positive social impact. Explore breathtaking landscapes amidst off-the-beaten-path destinations. Discover fascinating culture and timeless traditions. Be the first to tell a unique story with never-before-seen content from the charming highlands of Guatemala. 

Lake Atitlan’s captivating energy attracts creatives from around the world. Discover its magnetic allure--dive into loud markets or escape to quietly inspiring resorts. Take a trip worth sharing. Discover a different way to travel that lifts up local communities and inspires personal growth. 

Why Travel With Hiptipico?  

Sustainability is the future in fashion. Your audience has always wanted fresh fashion brands and beautiful travel inspiration. Now, they want it sustainably-sourced and ethically-made. Be a thought leader and take your channels to the next level. Discover the symbolism and artistry behind Guatemala’s world-renowned textiles. Witness how these female artisan cooperatives are shaping the future of ethical fashion.

What Do the Blogger and Influencer Trips Look Like?

We’ve got the insider knowledge and connections to help you create unforgettable content for your audience. Let us be your guides off the beaten path. Travel with us, meet indigenous artisans, observe authentic lifestyles. While each trip is completely customizable to your preferences and your goals, there are a few things you’ll experience that are certain.

⁘ Completely immerse yourself. Feel the rhythms of authentic village life.

⁘ Connect with locals and learn their lifestyles.

⁘ Tell the story - share unique content that’s exclusively yours.

⁘ Gasp at breathtaking backdrops and explore a dreamy tropical paradise.

⁘ Peruse exotic markets and take your pick from the endless colorful array of goods surrounding you.

⁘ Take part in some adventurous activities like cliff jumping, paragliding, and ziplining!

⁘ Paddleboard the gorgeous Lake Atitlan surrounded by volcanic views.

    Tailor Made - Customized Just For You! 

    Offering regular and deluxe packages, our Blogger and Influencer Trips are completely customizable.

    Leave the logistics to us! Once you land in Guatemala, we've got you covered. We have photographers, videographers, translators, and custom tour guides at the ready. Our resident team will customize every aspect of your trip--from accommodations, to daily itinerary, to dining options. With inspired itineraries spanning a spectrum of activities, every trip is tailored to pique a new perspective.

    With over 5 years of experience working with world renowned film companies, magazines, travel blogs - Hiptipico can accommodate any size project. Bring your own crew or we can connect with our trusted media contacts.

    Meet Your Guide: Alyssa Yamamoto


    Before founding Hiptipico, Alyssa Yamamoto earned her Master’s from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She has traveled the world extensively to complete field research and to work with various sustainable development initiatives, one of which brought her to the highlands of Guatemala. Her desire to share handcrafted local goods with the world and to economically support this beautiful community led to the birth of Hiptipico. Today, Alyssa is thrilled to share these gorgeous textiles with socially-minded consumers while supporting her network of artisans partners.

    Living full-time in Guatemala, Alyssa knows the best places to capture unforgettable moments to grab the attention of your audience. Taking on photography, hair, makeup, design and styling - Alyssa will share her knowledge to help you best influence your followers from Guatemala!

    Pricing and Info:

    Private influencer weekly package cost:  $1900 all-inclusive

    Private influencer daily package cost: $150/day (HERE for more details)

    *Collaborations and trade available for select clients.

    Take a peek at what a trip looks like more in-depth HERE!