Ethical Travel Guatemala // Cultural Immersion

Be a part of something bigger than yourself! Our Cultural Immersion Tours and Alternative Spring Break Programs are designed for students and young professionals looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a desire to use their spring break to make a positive social impact. 

Our program focuses on providing participants with a truly immersive experience visiting the beautifully diverse country of Guatemala. Participants will have the opportunity to explore some of the most striking parts of Central America and to gain insight to the Maya culture and traditions by meeting local indigenous artisans. This program focuses specifically on economic empowerment through inclusion as a way to break the cycle of poverty in Latin America.

Venture out with us to Juanita’s village of el Triunfo in the highlands of Sololá. Experience authentic rural life and observe how women support their families from home through this artisan cooperative. This is an opportunity for young professionals and students to gain a deeper understanding about global issues through interacting with local community members and marginalized indigenous groups. All activities are supplemented with intensive seminars and group discussions with Hiptipico founder Alyssa and innovative local leaders, like Juanita.

Meet the makers and immerse yourself in the authentic Maya culture. These visits are NOT for tourists or open to the public. We have exclusive access to extremely remote locations via our trusted artisan partners. Learn about the handmade process from Juanita and the female artisans and see the real struggles that the informal artisan community face in rural Guatemala.

Participate in an exclusive seminar with female artisan cooperative leader Juanita.  Community leaders like Juanita are self-starters overcoming unimaginable obstacles of sexism, discrimination and poverty. Engage in productive conversation directly with Juanita to learn more about empowering impoverished communities and energizing local economies through investment and capacity-building. From her childhood as an orphan, to living through the Civil War, to paying for privatized water - Juanita will open up about the realities of poverty in Guatemala. 

As a way for the women to show their gratitude for your visit, enjoy a homecooked meal and traditional Guatemalan cuisine. Your visit provides these women with more than an average wage, as we compensate them fairly for their artisan demonstrations, discussion groups and meal preparation. Your visit helps support their family, add to their children's education fund and provide monetary relief to their current economic situation.

Take some time to further connect with the community, meet the children and witness the potential of the next generation. Feel free to take pictures, shop, share Juanita's story and help Hiptipico give these female artisans a voice.

Learn more about our ASB program and daily immersion tours in Guatemala!

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All trips are customizable - develop a highly immersive week of service projects, leadership-building and community involvement with 10 of your classmates or colleagues. Group leaders travel for free!


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