Road Trip with Noel Alva

Sometimes the universe puts something right in your path. And it's up to you to be open and receptive to see what's in front of you - to jump at opportunities, listen to your gut and not look back.

That is exactly what happened with NOËL and me. We met by chance in San Diego during my last trip - a trip that I continuously believe was a turning point for my entire future. I was roadtripping alone from San Francisco down to San Diego. Alone with my own thoughts and enjoying being with just myself. That all culminated with me meeting so many special people along the way, including @noel.alva. 

This time, when I returned to LA I didn't have to road trip alone. NOËL and I traveled from LA to Yosemite to Big Sur and back again. He showed me some of his favorite places and I got to enjoy parts of my own country that I never had the chance to see.

We spoke Spanglish, bought healing crystals at roadside shacks, took polaroids and listened to everything from George Michael to Sean Paul. We drove through wild fires and hung onto our lives on windy cliffs. 🌙🏜🔮✨😎 I genuinely believe that we entered each other's lives at the exact moment we both needed. And we were both open enough to receive a new person into our circle. Someone who brought something we didn't know we always needed. 

And this is just the beginning. Come November, NOËL will be living on the lake in Guatemala - meaning our lifelong adventures are just beginning. 
I hope this serves as a reminder to take chances. Meet new people. Go on unknown adventures with people you barely know. Trust in humanity.




Bendito el lugar, y el motivo de estar ahí
Bendita la coincidencia
Bendito el reloj, q nos puso puntual ahí
Bendita sea tu, presencia




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