Guatemala | Paro Nacional September 2017

No a la corrupción. Vamos al #paronacional! 🇬🇹 

A recent law was passed in Guatemala that protects corrupt politicians from prosecution. In response, the entire nation is blocking roads in and out of major towns and cities. Businesses and schools are also closed to support the peaceful protest against corrupt government officials.

Today, in solidarity with the national protests against corruption, our Hiptipico office in Panajachel is closed.

I took to the streets to document some of the scenes from Panajachel:


Blocking roads is a longstanding strategy of civil-rights movements. The idea is that those impeded from their daily activity have the same feeling of helplessness as those protesting for justice. It is an effective way to get the community and the world to stop and take notice of what’s going on. 





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