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The HOTEL Resort



Located right outside of La Antigua, Guatemala, Finca Filadelfia and Resort is easily accessible for a weekend or day trip! The Hotel is situated in the foothills of lush greenery and surrounded by fresh coffee! If you decide to book a room, the hotel offers an extremely intimate experience with only 18 rooms and 2 suites. Accented by the rich colors, textures, and fabrics of an elegant Spanish Colonial estate, most rooms include a private fireplace and breathtaking view. The estate grounds include a temperature controlled pool, jacuzzi with views of the majestic Volcan de Agua on the horizon.



With a large property, there are plenty of places to enjoy. Grab a book and relax by the pool, pop in the jacuzzi or head upstairs to overlook the coffee production. Observe as locals process, dry and roast the coffee right from the private breezy patio. The aroma of nature and freshly roasted coffee is always surrounding you!  




The Hotel Gardens are lush and endless. WIth a mixture of palm trees, flowers and coffee plants - you can get lost in the greenery. The lush scenery and peaceful surroundings are perfect for a weekend getaway. Escape the sounds of the city and enjoy one of the oldest and most established coffee estates in Guatemala.



The Finca Cafetenango 


Just around for they day? No need to book a room to enjoy all the Finca Filadelfia has to offer. Finca Filadelfia is characterized by having the entire process of coffee from seed to roasted coffee and grounded coffee. Sign up for a coffee tour and follow the path of the coffee bean from the nursery to your cup. Even experience an educational coffee tasting. 




While, we didn't take the tour (obv DJ @cafelococoffee was my personal tour guide) we did explore and walk around the coffee plantation. From the nursery that had all the new coffee buddings - to the ready to harvest Pacamara. Each area was labeled with coffee type and altitude, making it easy to explore on your own. 





DJ explained that about 90% of Guatemalan coffee is shade grown, which is the traditional method of growing coffee. Before the more recent "modernization" of coffee growing, all coffee was shade grown. But with the introduction of chemicals and fertilizers, sun grown coffee does exist in some parts of the coffee world. Seeing the natural shade grown coffee around the plantation was a relief. Shade grown coffee requires little or no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The shade trees filter carbon dioxide which causes global warming, and aid in soil moisture retention which minimizes erosion. The new varieties of sun grown coffee come with an additional cost, as they are dependent on high doses of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. But not here!





The finca has a large selection of coffee varieties including Maracaturra, Pacamara, and even Geisha. Maracaturra is a cross between the large beane Maragogype and the more compact Caturra varieties of Arabica. While, on the other hand, I learned the Pacamara is a cross between the Maragogipe variety and Pacas, a selection of Bourbon. While, this information didn't mean much to me, a non-coffee person, I learned that these features all affect the flavor. So more importantly, Maracaturra is characterized by light fruity acidity and Pacamara flavor is a more citrus acidity. These qualities are useful when you are buying coffee for your home or have a selection offered at your local cafe.





My biggest takeaway from this weekend and recommendation is this...

The resort is secluded and quiet - a great spot to escape the city life and find some tranquility. Only hotel guests can enter this part of the property, with a limited number of rooms, you have a lot of privacy. Highly recommended for couples. And when, you want to explore more, you have access to the many activities the rest of the finca has to offer. And, after spending both time at the resort and in their activity-packed Cafetenango - a day trip is most worthwhile for families. If you have little kids, definitely go here! They have ziplining, petting zoos, and even a playground for the little ones. An extremely unique weekend escape to keep the kids occupied in a highly engaging way!



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