Cerro de la Cruz - La Antigua

Cerro de la Cruz provides breathtaking views looking south over the cityscape of La Antigua toward Volcán Agua. The prominent cross at the head of the lookout point is devoted to the city's patron saint.

Accessible via car, tuktuk or even walking from the city center.  Once you get up there, you can see the entire city and the neighboring volcanoes. On a clear morning, like ours, your vision will pass southward over Antigua and straight to the top of Volcan de Agua in the distance and even grasp a peek at Volcan de Fuego erupting (to the right). 

We used the popular app WAZE and went up the back way in our car. We ended up avoiding the main parking lot and fee to enter. It's only about Q5 a car, but still good to know. We got up there at about 8:50am right before the clouds rolled in and covered the tip of the volcano. If it's a sunny morning, get up there asap to get the best view before the weather changes. 


Clear Sky 8:55am (May)

Clouds Rolled in by 9:30am

Even once the clouds covered Volcan de Agua, the lookout was still enjoyable. There is nothing else to do, just the view. The grounds are nothing spectacular, there is usually trash laying around and people complain about potential robberies. Security guards are typically on-duty from 10am to 4pm so be careful before and after those hours and especially in the dark. 

While Cerro de la Cruz offers a nice view of Antigua from the top, that's about it. I think as a visitor, it would be quite enjoyable to make a morning of it, and take the 20-30 mins to walk up. But, don't expect much in the surrounding, just dirt and not much other maintenance. While many people think it's kinda shame that they don't do a better job of maintaining the space - it does feel authentic and "not as staged" as the rest of Antigua - which I can personally appreciate. 

Listed as #8 of 81 things to do in Antigua. 


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