The American Dream: Guatemalan Perspective

#immigrantrights #justiceforall #nohumanisillegal #endfamilyseparation #refugeeswelcome #indigenousrights #centralamerica

Nope, this is not my house. not even close. This is the house of one of our artisan partner's sister. In a remote mountain village outside of Chichicastenango in rural Guatemala.

Her husband left for the USA years ago. He hasn't been back since. hasn't even stayed in touch much to be honest. He has a new life now. But of course, he send money back to her when he can.

You wonder why the migrants keep coming north? Yes there is violence. And desperation. But there is also a dream. Just like you have a dream. So do others.
Here you can see the neighbors house, directly across the street. 

#immigrantrights #justiceforall #nohumanisillegal #endfamilyseparation #refugeeswelcome #indigenousrights #centralamerica

It is an adobe house, 4 walls, a roof and everything they "need". But no proper toilet. No shower. No official kitchen. No doors separating rooms. No closets. No second level. No mode of transportation. Just everyone surviving together with the basics of what they have.

The adobe family might not be "poor" but they do look at their neighbor's house every day. Every year a new level constructed. a new motorcycle in the driveway. And of course they dream. They dream to also provide a better life for their family. To have things just a little bit more comfortable. To have proper running water. To have more sanitary living conditions. To have a stove that doesn't fill the entire house with toxic smoke three times a day. To keep their children healthy.

They look around, and there are no jobs. No opportunities to achieve what their neighbors have. Eager to work, capable of work, desperate to be useful. With no where to apply.

So, yes. They also try for the "American Dream". Can you really blame them? If you do, then that's on your conscious. I believe in compassion and understanding. And I believe in the right to dream!

If you do not care or cannot understand the plight of the migrants fleeing Central America for the USA it is because you were lucky enough to be born into a privileged situation. Period.

I am not saying I know personally how the migrants feel. But I am simply sayingI have compassion. 

Al Otro Lado is an organization working closely with families at the border with support of Together Rising

Collectively, we all have the power to change the direction of humanity.


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