These books will change your life!

I M P O R T A N T E These books will change your life.

Now that we have an office and creative space in panajachel, I wanted to load our library with thought-provoking and educational books. These are some of the most influential reads if you are traveling latin america, studying international development, work for a non-profit or simply want to be globally minded. Here they are!

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OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA | VENAS ABIERTAS DE AMERICA LATINA if you care about the history of colonization in latin america, the onset of dependency of the region, the treatment of native people. this is the bible of latin american political economy. written in 1971 and still a great reference to make sense of events erupting even today in latin america and the global south in general. i have an clear memory when hugo chavez gifted this book to obama as one of the most epic symbolic gestures in recent politics. we have a copy in english and the original in spanish here in the office library.

CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN maybe my favorite book of all time. an easy read for anyone interested in global issues or development economics. a country by country rundown of how the IMF indebted countries only to force them to invest in corporations the benefit US interests. still relevant today and insight into triggers behind every coup, assassination and civil war. plane crashes with presidents? those were no accident. find out how it was all orchestrated. watch the video in my story for a clear correlation between US policy causing migration from central america to the USA.

GUATEMALA ETERNA PRIMAVERA, ETERNA TIRANIA original recount of the genocide in guatemala that took place in the 1980s where 100,000 indigenous people were murdered and 400,000 went missing. this book shows it all. now over $600 on amazon, this copy is a limited edition and available to read in our office. graphic images.

HEART BERRIES new to my collection and one i have not read yet. but i am eager to support indigenous authors and this was written by a first nation canadian female and takes place on an indian reservation in the pacific northwest. 


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