≫ ∙ ≫ Love Hiptipico? Interested in carrying our handmade collection in your store? Want to create your own ethical line for your private brand? Hiptipico's artisan partners are eager to connect with new retailers all over the world.
What we offer our wholesale buyers:  
     ≫ 10% off on your first wholesale order
     ≫ Area exclusivity in your region -- be the only store around with Hiptipico! 
     ≫ Certified fair pricing for our artisan partners in Guatemala
     ≫ Healthy average mark up of 2.5 -- our retail prices range from $30 - $300+
     ≫ Low style minimums! -- Order any 6 individual items
     ≫ Sourcing of raw textiles, fabrics and embroidery available
     ≫ Immediates available -- our bestsellers shipped to you in 5 - 7 days! 
     ≫ Low Shipping Rates -- 3 day express UPS  
     ≫ Work with us to co-design exclusives and customizations for your boutique
     ≫ Targeted promotion included on our Instagram accounts 
     ≫ Payment due in full to begin processing
     ≫ Freight calculate based on weight and volume
     ≫ Freight payment due prior to shipment
     ≫ Buyers is responsible for 100% of shipping costs and customs duty fees
     ≫ Minimum order size of $1000 for USA | $1,500 for Int'l
     ≫ Customized orders require a non-refundable 50% deposit
      Coupons, discounts and sales do not apply to our wholesale accounts.
     ≫ We offer private-label production for select accounts
     ≫ Customize your entire line: textiles, leather, hardware, patterns
     ≫ Create all new products and designs alongside our artisans
     ≫ Source raw Guatemalan textiles for your own private production
     ≫ Design your own hand-woven textile
     ≫ Shop virtually with us at the Guatemalan markets to hand-select your textiles
     ≫ Ethical, fair trade, honest, transparent production
     ≫ Set up a buying trip to monitor production and meet the artisans in person
     ≫ 100% exclusive and confidential partnerships

Get in touch ≫ ∙ ≫  info@hiptipico.com