Artisan Home Visit and Embroidery Demonstration

The beautiful Maya village of Santa Catarina is spotted with historical buildings and alive with traditional culture--its traje tipico is one of the most distinct, with its striking blue tones and gorgeous velvet hair wrap! 

We'll spend time with Teresa, who demonstrates traditional back-strap loom weaving while sharing a bit of her story. She lives with her husband Andres and their eight children. Years ago, she and other indigenous women started an innovative artisan cooperative to support their growing families. Now, their kids help out with the family business and also manage to go to school. Through the sale of their artisan goods, Teresa and her husband have made a better life for their children. 

If you met Teresa on the streets of Panajachel, you surely wouldn’t get this whole story. Hearing their stories firsthand and getting a feel for everyday life is a major perk of visiting our partners in their home workshops with Hiptipico. 


Approx $175 - $250 | 9am - 2pm * available in English or Spanish

*prices subject to change depending on number of travelers, language translations requirements and specific guide requests


9am: Pickup Truck Ride

Meet in Panajachel to hop on the pickup trucks.

9:30am: Santa Catarina Palopo

Arrive in Santa Catarina and enjoy a quick tour of the quaint Maya village. A recent project called "Pintando Santa Catarina" worked with locals to paint the entire town with traditional bright colors. Making for a great photo-op!

10am - 12pm: Teresa's Home Visit

Enter Teresa's home to meet her lovely children and learn about the traditional weaving techniques used for generations in Santa Catarina Palopo. This is a way for travelers to see inside a local home. This is not a tourist destination and just a genuine way to connect with locals.

12pm - 1pm: Volcanic Hot Springs

Stroll the shores of Lake Atitlan and explore the natural volcanic hot springs. There is a small natural bath that locals use for swimming and washing clothes. Plus this area has a unique view of the volcanos surrounding Lake Atitlan.

1pm: Local Coffee Spot

We'll grab a quick snack and coffee from a local spot in the town square before heading back to Panajachel.

1:30pm: Return to Panajachel

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*This itinerary can be combined with our San Antonio Tour for a full day 8am - 4pm!