Traditional Weaving Workshop

San Antonio Palopo

Weaving Workshop + Pedal Loom Demonstration

Our immersion tour to San Antonio Palopó starts with a pickup truck ride up the mountain overlooking Lake Attilan. Leaving Panajachel in the morning, the trip to visit Maria and her weaving cooperative is just about 20 minutes away. You choose if you want private transportation, or to join the locals in the public crowded car! Either way, enjoy the beautiful view, lush scenery and wind in your hair as you begin your journey. 

Once in San Antonio Palopó, take a quick tour around the village and explore its beautiful mountainous layout. The word Palopó is a Maya Kaqchikel term used to describe "palo" a tree or branch and joined together with "poj" means Fig Tree. The village is situated on a mountainside filled with rich flora making for spectacular views. 

Step right into Maria's home workshop, where she welcomes you with open arms. Excited to teach you the historical and cultural significance of her work, Maria and the other female artisans happily show off their designs. From scarves to table runners, enjoy demonstrations of traditional pedal-loom and backstop weaving. Be interactive! Jump in and see for yourself how labor intensive and intricate the foot-loom method is. This artisanal weaving method uses the artisan's feet to alternately lift and lower the thread. These looms are entirely foot powered and use no electricity. 

The traditional hair wrap of San Antonio is the tocoyal - which is a long, thin woven cinta, or ribbon. She weaves the gorgeous hair wraps by hand using a traditional pedal loom and then adds embellishment like sparkly garland tassels or hand-beaded details. When we visit, María she loves to share this fun piece of her culture with us and every time we’re impressed with how effortlessly she wraps up the tocoyal and how gorgeous it looks on everyone.

After spending time with Maria we'll head over to the local pottery workshop. San Antonio is well-known around Guatemala for their gorgeous ceramic. All is made using traditional techniques by pottery masters in San Antonio! Typically produced by men, the local workshop lets you step right inside and see for yourself. They even let you paint your own ceramic plate or mug! 


Approx $175 - $250 | 9:00am - 2:00pm

*prices subject to change depending on number of travelers, language translations requirements and specific guide requests


9am: Pickup Truck Ride

Meet in Panajachel to hop on the pickup trucks.

9:30am: San Antonio Palopo

Arrive in San Antonio and enjoy a quick tour of the quaint Maya village.

10am - 12pm: Maria's Weaving Workshop

Enter Maria's home workshop to meet her family and learn about the traditional weaving techniques used for generations in San Antonio Palopo.

12pm - 2pm: Traditional Ceramic Workshop

Visit the local ceramic workshop and even paint your own mug with the local pottery masters. 

2pm: Return to Panajachel


*This itinerary can be combined with our Santa Catarina Tour for a full day 8am - 4pm!