Meet Ramona and Lucila, our newest artisan partners from Totonicapan that joined the Hiptipico family in 2020. Although they officially joined us recently, we have been purchasing textiles from Ramon and Lucila since the inception of Hiptipico. For those who have been following along for a while or traveled to Panajachel, then you know about the bomberos textile market! Well, that market is open thanks to Ramona's family! About 25 years ago Ramona's mother traveled to Panajachel with the intention to ask the bomberos for permission to set up a small market in their driveway. And thanks to them, many artisan families have had the opportunity to access this market to earn a steady income for 25 years! Ramona and Lucila are now carrying in their mother's footsteps to access an even larger market through Hiptipico for her family and the women in her community!

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