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Hiptipico Artisan Home Visit

This year is officially our 10th Anniversary and to celebrate it we have been working alongside our artisan partners to host some of their inventory that has been on display without tourists to browse on That means you're going to find some old styles, new styles and different styles in this weeks restock!

Guatemala is one of the slowest in rolling out the vaccine and tourism has not picked back up. And with every purchase you are directly helping a few different artisan families in Guatemala that have been waiting over a year for their stores to see new customers.

Hiptipico’s relationship with these long-term partners is built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. Purchasing items with these vendors support a small local business, motivates local entrepreneurial spirits, and stimulates the local economy.

Hiptipico Artisan Partner front store

Here in Guatemala, the culture is easily described as friendly, polite and joyful. Our artisan partners always have a smile on their face. But like any small business, sometimes that smile is a little brighter and more hopeful when there are more orders.

This year, you can shop all of your favorite products including vintage camera straps, luxury leather bags, crochet bucket bags, handmade huaraches, vegan backpacks and other classic Hiptipico products seen over the years in Free People, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Topshop and more!

Hiptipico Artisan Partners

We believe that happy artisans means your products arrive full of good vibes and energy. Right from the heart of the Maya world with respect, dignity and honor.

We are forever grateful to you for being thoughtful and conscious consumers. 

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