Using Social Media for Good

Guatemalan Children, Volunteer with Ninos de Guatemala, Support Guatemalan Children for a quality education

Hiptipico founder @Alyssaya has taken strides in using instagram as a positive platform. She inspires us on the reg by always posting uplifting, inspirational and thought-provoking content. In her own words, she explains “I want my device to provide me with as much joy as my daily life”. And she went on to share her secrets in how she keeps instagram a positive community. 

First, the best way to use social media for good, is to follow accounts that inspire you. And that also means it's ok to unfollow any accounts that make you feel like you have to be someone else. 

She then explained how she uses instagram’s saved collection feature to maintain her list of her favorite accounts! Every day she checks on these accounts, mainly women. “They bring light to my day, inspiration to my work and build me up!” 

Travel Ethically with Hiptipico and female founder Alyssa, Learn Guatemalan Culture
















Ethical Travel Guatemala, Lear Guatemalan Culture with Hiptipico and female founder Alyssa

On her feed, @alyssaya uses quotes like “use your life for good” and talks extensively about how to be a responsible traveler. Alyssa believes that traveling should be about new experiences. It should be about culture, sights, sounds, languages and most importantly, the people. She practices what she preaches by hosting ethical tours here in Guatemala to inspire and educate travelers from around the world. What she conveys most during these tours is how traveling is not just about taking but giving. There are so many wonderful opportunities to give and make a difference here in Guatemala and Alyssa believes in using her instagram community to tell people about them! 

Volunteer with Ninos de Guatemala, Sponsor Guatemalan Children for quality education

In a recent campaign, Alyssa hosted a trip with other influencers and girl bosses here in Guatemala to give back to the local community. Partnering with @ninosdeguatemala and the the female travel bloggers used their instagram platform and voice to lift up others in need. With every night they stayed at the Good Hotel in Antigua, their contribution provided at-risk students with 1 week of education. And instead of just promoting other brands or hotels around Guatemala, they focussed their content around students, their education and their future. As a travel blogger group, they helped the non-profit get more sponsors and provide more scholarships to students. Learn more about this give back campaign here.

Volunteer with Ninos de Guatemala, Sponsor Guatemalan Children for quality education

In the end, what matters most is how you see yourself! And portraying your authentic self on social media. 

You too, have the courage to be yourself. And it can start with simply being inspired by the right accounts right here on instagram.

Volunteer with Ninos de Guatemala, Sponsor Guatemalan Children for quality education


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