Have an impact on children in Guatemala!


In a recent campaign, Alyssa hosted a trip with other influencers in Guatemala to give back to the local community by partnering with Ninos de Guatemala and the Good Hotel.

The girls slept at the Good Hotel in Antigua and with every night they stayed their contribution provided 1 week of education to an at-risk student. During the day the group visited the schools, getting to know the students and even spending time with their families. 

We loved seeing how the hotel and non-profit related and how together they have a huge impact on the community! And we want to explain it better so you can also get involved!

How can you #SleepGoodDoGood?

The Good Hotel currently has two locations open. One in Antigua, Guatemala and one in London. They are about to re-open their property in Amsterdam and another in Rotterdam and Guatemala City. All of the proceeds from any Good Hotel property goes directly to the non-profit Niños de Guatemala. If you book directly [not using hotels.com or bookings] an additional $5 goes to the children.

What happens when your money gets to Niños de Guatemala?

Niños de Guatemala runs two primary schools and a secondary school which house over 500 Guatemalan children that would otherwise not have been able to go to school. Their school is not just about basic education, but more of a holistic wellness program. A large part of their program ensures the physical and emotional well-being of the students, as well as the academic. All of the children in the programs receive two nutritionally balanced meals a day, medical and dental care, instruction on proper health and hygiene, sexual education, and access to on-site social work and psychology departments.

Want to get more involved in Guatemala?


Niños de Guatemala offers tours all around Guatemala and 100% of the profits from your program fee goes directly to their schools. You can sign up directly with them to hike a volcano, make your own jewelry, explore a coffee farm, visit an artisanal home workshop. Enjoy the culture through Niños de Guatemala and know your money is impacting the students in their schools. 


Sign up to volunteer and 100% of the profits from your program fee goes directly to their schools. Depending on your schedule, you can sign up for as short as a day or for a long-term opportunity. The schools are located just outside of the tourist city of Antigua, Guatemala and is an accessible place to have an impact. As a volunteer you support the teachers and school operations and make sure the students are fully supported!

Want to get more involved outside of Guatemala?

Become a sponsor today and you not only provide education for a child, you also have the opportunity to become their mentor and friend. When you sign up to sponsor a child, you are directly involved in changing the trajectory of their future. Through letters, skype calls and even visits you stay connected and motivate the students to grow into capable and conscientious adults.There are other ways to help finance Ninos de Guatemala through classroom support, school supplies or even business partnerships. 

Alyssa is always looking for ways to energize the local economy and give back to communities in need. Through the Good Hotel and Niños de Guatemala there is a sustainable and practical way to do that. Read more about the influencer trip "Using Social Media for Good" and scroll down to some pictures from this experience!


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