Introducing our Artisanal Face Masks

Hiptipico handmade face masks, covid fashion masks, corona virus masks, fashion face masks

Stay safe and give back! Our artisans here in Guatemala are thrilled to take on new projects, especially during this time of financial uncertainty. The Corona Virus outbreak worldwide has opened a door for our artisan partners to use their skills to bring you a special product to protect your family. Handmade face masks that are bright, colorful, unique and fun. To lift your spirits during this confusing time. 

To be more specific, our handmade face masked utilize leftover scraps of fabrics from past projects to preserve handwoven textiles, each is handmade using 100% recycled textiles from the region of Zunil. Not only is every face mask is lovingly handmade by indigenous artisans in Guatemala. But, every purchase goes towards appreciating culture, sustainability and providing artisans with steady employment during this crisis.

Hiptipico handmade face masks, covid fashion masks, corona virus masks, fashion face masks

We want to make sure we are carefully sharing correct safety information for our health care professionals. If you want to be MOST protected against the virus you should be wearing a professional surgical mask. So remember, while we did our best to design them to fit over a professional surgical mask -- these Hiptipico face masks are for fashion use only. Always stay safe everyone!

Thank you for wanting to rock artisan made masks during this COVID-19 pandemic. Your support helps ensure we are able to provide our artisans with a dignified job opportunity instead of them looking elsewhere to receive handouts. We are able to keep YOU and our artisans in good spirits during this difficult time.


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