Fashion Revolution Week 2017

"It’s time to use your voice and your power to transform the fashion industry into a force for good."


Hiptipico is so excited to participate in this year's #fashionrevolution movement and help create awareness around the topic of #whomademyclothes

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When founding Hiptipico, Alyssa's goal was to create an avenue for conscious consumers to purchase directly from artisans in Guatemala. Knowing the actual person, story and handmade technique behind each product is virtually unheard of in the fashion industry.

But, little by little Hiptipico and other socially conscious fashion brands are bringing light to this topic.

Hiptipico Fashion Revolution, hiptipico blog, ethical fashion brand, sustainable fashion, mayan artisans, support female artisans, fair trade, female entrepreneur

Thanks for your continued support and genuine interest in Hiptipico's story. This reach has helped to tell the story of our Maya artisan partners in Guatemala, giving a voice to those who are largely unheard: the humans behind our clothes. 

We invite our incredible community to join us in the #fashionrevolution! Get curious: 

Find out who made your clothes.
Who grew the cotton, spun the threads, dyed
the fabric and who sewed them together?

Asking fashion companies these questions puts pressure on them to be more responsible and transparent with their operations. This ultimately means better working conditions, living wages, and environmentally sustainable practices.

When faced with the looming realities of the giant fashion industry, it's easy to feel small sometimes. But the truth is that these fashion giants don't exist without us consumers--we actually hold the power to make a change! Demand it!   

Hiptipico Fashion Revolution; ethical fashion brand, sustainable fashion, handmade leather, mayan artisans, visit guatemala, panajachel, calle santander

At Hiptipico, we're always doing our best to communicate the stories of our artisan partners here in Guatemala. To kick off Fashion Revolution Week, we wanted to share the story of one of our oldest and closest partners, Don Vicente:

Vicente (pictured above) is the guru behind many of our Hiptipico backpacks. In a small home workshop, he and his family construct and design different styles of backpacks using quality leather and upcycled vintage textiles. By partnering with Hiptipico, Don Vicente has successfully grown his small business and made a better life for his family. He's a joy to work with and his passion for traditional textiles is infectious. We are proud to support Don Vicente - you can shop his collection via our online store here


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