Alyssaya Travel Guide | Santa Catarina Palopó

Still relatively untouched by tourism, Santa Catarina is a gorgeous example of a quaint Maya village. On the shores of Lake Atitlan, just 20 minutes outside of Panajachel, this town and its community will quickly find a special place in your heart.

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How to get there: Panajachel

From Panajachel take the local pickup truck from the stadium for Q3 or drive your own car over the yellow bridge through Jucanya. Follow signs for Santa Catarina and San Antonio.

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Where to Stay: Tzampoc Resort

On the road from Panajachel towards San Antonio Palopó, you will find the secluded resort of Tzampoc. Characterized by discreet charm and quiet simplicity, Tzampoc Resort is my top choice. Offering both boutique style rooms or weeklong villa rentals, this hotel has the most incredible view of Lake Atitlans volcanos. Their infinity pool and vast botanical gardens offered a charm we couldn't resist. Not to mention, the most instagrammable nooks around every corner! 

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What to Explore: Town Square

The perfect town to just walk around and chat with the locals! I suggest playing with the kids and stopping in some of the workshops to learn more about the culture!

In the town square, be sure to stop in the main building of Pintando Santa Catarina. You can learn about this new project working on making the town more colorful to celebrate the maya culture and attract more tourism!

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What to do: Artisan Home Visit

Hiptipico offers an authentic opportunity to visit our artisans partner Teresa. Be sure to get in touch for an unforgettable immersion tour deep into the culture of Santa Catarina. Upon entering Teresa's home you will meet her lovely children and learn about the traditional weaving techniques used for generations in this village. This is a unique way for travelers to learn from the locals. This is not a tourist attraction and offered to those who are culturally sensitive and desire a genuine way to connect with locals.

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Contact Hiptipico directly for an immersion tour 
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Contact Pintando Santa Catarina to volunteer 
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