Mix and Match Ethical #OOTD

As I continue to promote ethical fashion, there has been an unreasonable standard that I feel that I must uphold. If I am not wearing ethical clothing from head to toe, I feel guilty or ashamed. Or I find a super cute eco-friendly garment, to find out it's assembled in China. OR vice versa, I come across a brand MADE IN THE USA to find out their raw materials are coming from factories. 

So, I am here to tell you two things:

1) Don't be discouraged - it is possible to find trendy clothes that are 100% sustainably produced and crafted with care.

2) Don't put too much pressure on yourself - it is okay to mix and match ethical and unethical as long as you are continuously conscious.

Meaning, don't just give up and say, "ugh I tried to find something not made in China, but didn't find anything I like". That's not true and if you just spend a few more minutes looking or following ethical bloggers like me, you CAN fall in love with new brands! But at the same time don't stress too much, shopping should be fun and fashion is all about self expression. It is important that you feel good in what you are wearing, it fits you well and helps you exude confidence. So, my solution is to MIX and MATCH! I've put together some flat lays showing you how I incorporate various brands (ethical, non and in between) into my wardrobe while still maintaining my personal aesthetic.  


Black Cara Booties by FORTRESS OF INCA

* handcrafted in Peru by fairly paid artisans

Skinny Hazen Denim by MUD JEANS

* shop guilt-free and do good for the environment

Citizen & Darling Hat by ALTERNATIVE APPAREL

* eco-fabrics made in China

Leather Bags by HIPTIPICO

* handmade in Guatemala by Maya artisans

Black Lace Tank by Press Fashions

* designed in Vancouver, BC for the modern creative spirit

Doin' Good T-Shirt by TRUST PRINTSHOP

* screen printed in the USA

LOVE Safari Jacket by Kersh

Vancouver based brand has been inspired by West Coast vibes


Stay thoughtful. Be conscious. 




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