Compassion Fashion with Benita Robledo


"You cannot fill from an empty cup."

Recently, I was totally reenergized thanks to the lovely and talented Benita Robledo.

We connected over our ethical fashion initiatives but it turns out our paths crossed for even bigger reasons. 

We have so much in common from our work ethic, to sustainable fashion, to being married women in our 30s while still maintaining our independence and identity. Navigating this complicated world around us - representing strong women without being perceived as 'cocky'. Enjoying styling ourselves head to toe and wearing makeup without being perceived as a 'bimbo'. We can be smart and pretty and talented. And it's ok for us to say that. As women, we are told to just sit there and look pretty. Or we are told to tone it down for professional reasons. You can be empowered and smart and look good. 

Most importantly, make sure your inside matches your outside. Don't change for anyone but yourself. 

Here we are rockin' some of our favorite ethical brands - bringing you wearable clothes that not only look good, but do good too!




Get our ethical looks!

Yellow Bubble Crop Top by Mayamiko

*ethically made in Malawi 

Light Distressed Jeans by Outland Denim

*supports women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation

Black Cara Booties by Fortress of Inca

*handcrafted in Peru by fairly paid artisans

Leather Bags and Accessories by Hiptipico

*handcrafted by Maya artisans in Guatemala

Metallic Sandals by Sseko

*provides employment and scholarship opportunities to women in Uganda 

Natural Energy Drinks by Runa

*made with the guayusa leaf from the Amazonian rainforest

Location: Franklin Canyon Park, California

Photography: Anais Ganouna


Just like Benita says, we can "save the world and look good while you do it."




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