My Lake Atitlan Travel Guide + Itinerary

What villages to visit on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala? Each is extremely unique, so i'll break it down for you to decide on your own!

1 - Panajachel is the hub, you gotta come thru here and stop by and say hola to us at our Hiptipico creative office and co-working space in the Playa Publica! We host digital nomads and travel bloggers looking to work remotely!

2 - Santa Catarina Palopó is a quaint town accessible via car from Pana. It is still extremely traditional. you can go to the town center and learn about the different painted symbols via Pintando Santa Catarina. Or just go and take pics because its become very "instagrammable"!

3 - San Antonio Palopó is one of my faves! also accessible via car. Here you can visit the local church, a ceramic workshop and stop in to see some female weavers. FYI, this is a much more "closed" community. Locals are not as comfortable with foreigners or their picture being taken. We offer immersion tours to both Santa Cat + San Antonio to meet local artisans and visit home workshops. 

4 - San Juan la Laguna is a must-see! The streets are lined with local artists, galleries and workshops. Be sure to stop in and admire the variety of artisanal crafts. For the best natural dye experience contact LEMA Association. 

5 - San Marcos la Laguna is THE place to chill, do some yoga, cliff jump and eat some fresh vegan meals. Be sure to stay at my fave hotel on the lake Lush Atitlan and tell them Alyssa sent you!

6 - Santiago Atitlan is THE village to experience the authentic traditions of the ancient maya culture. Eat at el Pescado and head up to their roof for views!

7 - San Pedro is NOT my personal favorite. But if you're learning Spanish and want to meet other backpackers, you might want to check it out! eat and drink at Zoola!

8 - A few other independent spots on the shores of Lake Atitlán that deserve a mention:  Isla Verde, La Iguana Perdida and Casa del Mundo!


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