Woven Collection

direct from female weavers

Our Woven Collection was created so you know exactly the female weaver behind your products. Every item in this collection was crafted with traditional weavings direct from our female artisan partners [not the market]. Purchasing authentic textiles directly from weaving cooperatives allows us to have a full understanding of the entire supply chain and offer truly honest production.

Hiptipico has long-standing relationships with talented weavers in Santa Catarina Palopó, San Antonio Palopó, San Juan La Laguna, Patzún, Chichicastenango and Sololá - meaning you can enjoy a large selection of textiles from all around Guatemala. 

Upholding the traditions of Maya weavers, paying them fairly for their designs and providing sustainable avenues to express themselves creatively is our utmost importance. We work closely with these women weaving groups to determine a fair wage based on the cost of materials, hours of work, and overall value of their product on the global market.

Shop knowing exactly the woman weaver behind your product!