Becoming Obsolete
Hiptipico seeks to honor the local Maya culture, create sustainable pathways for entrepreneurs and empower indigenous families and communities.
While Hiptipico works to create sustainable avenues for local indigenous artisans to sell their unique handmade products to larger markets across the globe – we also take it a step further. Hiptipico’s vision is to become obsolete. The very purpose of Hiptipico's non-profit Scholarship Program is to empower the local artisan communities to sustainably reach global markets on their own. By providing scholarships to our artisans’ children we are building sustainable pathways enabling the next generation to be the change makers of their community.
“By the time they have reached adolescence, these Maya children are trilingual, speaking perfect English, Spanish and their Mayan dialect and can use an internet café with ease,” McGarry says. “That means the children can set up an Etsy page or maintain an Ebay account effortlessly for their parents. With initial help from Hiptipico, we can create paths for our artisans to be self-sufficient in the global fashion marketplace.”