Ethical Sourcing and Market Tour in Panajachel 

Panajachel is a bustling tourist destination with no shortage of souvenir shops, good restaurants, and comfortable places to stay. Calle Santander is the main street where you can find anything you’re looking for! There are plenty of shops selling products made with traditional fabric or inspired by traditional Maya designs. However, it can be a bit overwhelming as tourists are given elevated prices, heckled by street vendors and unable to communicate comfortably. Also, many products that look handmade are made in factories or even in CHINA. That's where we come in! We'll introduce you to our trusted artisan partners, who will explain to you the handmade process and give you an honest price. You can feel comfortable knowing that your money is going to a good family and you paid a fair wage for their work. We'll also take you to a hidden textile market, one that is a common stop for locals! If you are looking for a specific Hiptipico product, don't shop our web - we'll take you directly to the artisans and you can give them your total support.

Daily Rate:

Approx $175 - $250  | 9:00am - 2:00pm

*prices subject to change depending on number of travelers, language translations requirements and specific guide requests

Sample Itinerary: 

this specific tour is available only Tuesdays and Fridays 

9am - 10am: Cafe Loco Coffee Shop

We'll take a half hour to discuss daily goals and tour preferences. From there we will head out and begin walking to our first destination.

10am - 12pm: Los Bomberos Textile Market

We take you to our favorite local spot to shop exclusive textiles and vintage goods. When we show you around the market we take the time to introduce you to the various collectors, explain the different weaving techniques, and show you how to identify each Maya village based on its embroidery. Also, we make sure you can shop comfortably, not being charged too much as a foreigner or paying the artisans too little for their goods. This famous textile market features all of the traditional fabrics and designs from all around Guatemala and you'll get an insider look at what its all about. *Due COVID Bomberos Textile Market is currently closed*

12pm - 2pm: Calle Santander Artisan Shopping

We will introduce you to our trusted artisan partners and show you where to get the highest quality items. Many times, souvenirs are found easily, while the best products are concealed from tourists. Starting at the top of the street and venturing all the way to the lake, you get us as your personal shopper! You'll get the honest prices and highest quality goods from families that need the support.


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