Manuela Machario

Origin: Chichicastenango, Guatemala
Ethnicity: Maya K’iche’
Manuela is an indigenous Maya woman who grew up with her parents, grandmother, various aunts and uncles, and her 12 brothers and sisters in the bustling city of Chichicastenango.
Manuela’s family is notorious for generations of talented Maya artisans, passing down their tradition to each family member. The whole family still works together as a team, operating two different companies, one for wholesale clients and the other to sell in their retail stores, Artisanos Macharios and Artisanos Pop Wuh. Along with this, Hiptipico has the privilege of working closely with Manuela and her family, who fill both large and small orders. We are privileged to carry their beautiful handmade items and honored to support their family’s artisanal legacy.
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Products: Leather Saddle Bags, Remolacha Blanket, Sneakers