Woven collection

Direct from Female Weavers

woven collection

Our Woven Collection is all about supporting female weavers that don't have access to markets! This specific collection was also created so you know exactly the female weaver behind your products. Every item in this collection was crafted with traditional weavings direct from our female artisan partners [not the market]. Purchasing authentic textiles directly from weaving cooperatives allows us to have a full understanding of the entire supply chain and offer truly honest production.

Hiptipico has long-standing relationships with talented weavers in Santa Catarina Palopó, San Antonio Palopó, San Juan La Laguna, Patzún, Chichicastenango and Sololá - meaning you can enjoy a large selection of textiles from all around Guatemala. 

Upholding the traditions of Maya weavers, paying them fairly for their designs and providing sustainable avenues to express themselves creatively is our utmost importance. We work closely with these women weaving groups to determine a fair wage based on the cost of materials, hours of work, and overall value of their product on the global market.

Shop knowing exactly the woman weaver behind your product!


Vintage Market Finds

Market Collection

Our Market Collection is all about art appreciation! Guatemala is world famous for its intricate textiles and hand-embroidery. Since we operate out of rural Guatemala we acquire authentic huipiles from a variety of villages throughout the country every week. This collection was created to share with our customers how to source Maya fabrics sustainably and to educate consumers on the symbolism behind each weaving.

Hiptipico has long-standing relationships with specific textile vendors in Panajachel and Chichicastenango. The vendors we work with have been sharing their vintage collection for over 20 years. These indigenous families honor their own heritage by paying a fair wage to the female weavers when re-selling their huipiles or textiles.

To be more conscious, Hiptipico sources extraordinary textiles solely for our own private collection, custom orders and for exhibition only. When purchasing fabrics for bag construction, we make it our priority to select tattered embroideries that could no longer be worn to truly give them a second life. Our newest venture is focusing on preserving one-of-a-kind antique huipiles that are no longer in production. These vintage pieces are truly a work of art and we showcase them in their entirety or sell them to a honorable home that will keep them intact.

Small Business collection

Supporting Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Small Business Collection

Our Small Business Collection features products crafted and designed by Maya artisans themselves in small home workshops. These artisanal workshops are owned by indigenous families who have their entire production established. They source their own textiles, craft their own designs and pay their team to execute production. In this situation, Hiptipico purchases the finished product based on the wholesale prices set by the artisans themselves.

Hiptipico’s relationship with these long-term partners is built on trust, transparency and mutual respect. Purchasing items with these vendors supports a small local business, motivates local entrepreneurial spirits and stimulates the local economy.

Our Small Business Collection was created to support the creativity, ingenuity and passion of local Guatemalan businesses while preserving Maya culture and traditions.