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Recently, Carina Otero of popular instagram travel blog She Is Not Lost joined us in Guatemala! She flew down to explore our ethical travel program with hopes of sharing a unique travel story with her audience. Now a days, travel blogging is a large part of our media and Carina was determined to use her platform to promote more sustainable and ethical options for all the instagrammers out there.


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Carina’s curated instagram feed encourages women to reach their full potential and discover the joy of global travel. She is Not Lost is a community for female travelers finding their way and Carina’s most recent mission is to inspire her followers to experience different cultures while exploring the far corners of the world.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Carina’s love for travel has taken her everywhere from the bustling souks of Morocco to the idyllic beaches of Sri Lanka’s south west coast.

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We were honored that Carina chose to travel more thoughtfully with Hiptipico for her first trip to Guatemala. While Guatemala has a painful history and a constrained economy, it is world-famous for its impeccable climate and breathtaking views. We had the pleasure of creating a private itinerary for Carina, to find a balance between sustainably sourcing textiles, artisan home visits and luxury retreats. Together we explored the villages around Lake Atitlan, the market stalls at Chichicastenango, and the historic, cobblestone streets of Antigua. We were successful in creating an ethical tour with a healthy balance between artisan visits, weaving classes, city tours and relaxation!

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Our most memorable experience was introducing Carina to our female artisan partners. In a short time we were able to visit weaving cooperatives in both Santa Catarina Palopo and San Juan la Laguna. We visited Teresa’s house, where Carina tried her hand at weaving, using a traditional backstrap loom. We enjoyed time with the family and embraced the local indigenous lifestyle.

In San Juan we participated in a demonstration of the natural dye process, from picking the elements to tinting the cotton. Rosa walked us through the antique process that has been passed down from generation to generation. With natural elements at our disposal, we were able to use bark from a tree to naturally dye the thread purple! In an era when we are so used to chemically induced colors, it was a refreshing experience!

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Visiting the UNESCO heritage city of Antigua was also an unforgettable experience. While the lake is our home, we also love to enjoy the conveniences of a city. Especially one as well preserved as this historic hot-spot. As a top tourist destination, Antigua is lined with exquisite architectural ruins, gorgeous hotels, enticings restaurants and even a bustling nightlife.

Want to join us on the ground in Guatemala? We offer travel design for volunteers, students, and families plus professional sourcing trips for designers, boutiques and brands. Browse our sample itinerary below and sign up here:

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Monday Home Visits with Hiptipico

10am – 3pm San Antonio / Santa Catarina Palopo Meet the Makers

Authentic experience inside the home workshops of our local female artisan partners. Source local huipiles, foot loom fabric, home décor, unique embroideries, and learn the process.

Tuesday Panajachel Shopping with Hiptipico

9am – 2pm Local Textile Market and Panajachel Shopping

This textile market is only open Tuesday and Fridays. Here you can source unique fabrics and huipiles to design your own bags or to use for interior design! We will also visit trustworthy Panajachel vendors who have artisan-made products ready to buy and can also take custom orders.

Wednesday Learn the Process

9am – 2pm San Juan la Laguna Natural Dye and Weaving Workshop

Have your own private female weaving instructor and learn the natural process from cotton to scarf. See the natural tinting process from plant to dye. Source pastel colored organic finished products (scarves, table runners, beach bags)

Thursday Chichicastenango Market

8am – 4pm Largest Open Air Market in Central America

Explore the most colorful place in Central America. A traditional Maya trading hub for textiles, silver, and artisan goods. Source raw textiles and high quality finished products from trusted vendors.

Weekend La Antigua Colonial City

Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site

La Antigua is an outstanding example of preserved colonial architecture and of cultural value. You’ll find gorgeous architecture with a backdrop of volcanoes. No wonder it’s considered one of the most beautifully charming cities in all of Central America.

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Want to join us on the ground in Guatemala? We offer travel design for volunteers, students, and families plus professional sourcing trips for designers, boutiques and brands. Sign up here!

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