Must-know Panajachel Vocab

Hiptipico's headquarters is located in Panajachel, Guatemala! Here are some unique phrases to help you get by when you visit.

Top ten words and phrases for living in Panajachel (Pana):

  1. Pana – Nobody on the lake calls it Panajachel, its Pana.

  2. Tuk Tuk – The little taxi’s that will take you anywhere around Pana for Q5.

  3. Q – Short for the currency Quetzal. Cuanto Cuesta? Cinco Q!

  4. (Con) Permiso – Anytime you enter a room make sure to say “permiso” to excuse yourself and ask permission to come in.

  5. Buen Provecho – Before, after, during or anytime around a meal, always say “buen provecho”. If you walk into a room and people are eating, don’t forget to say it to wish everyone a great meal.

  6. Mucho Gusto – You will always meet locals in Pana so this phrase “nice to meet you” is used frequently and not only for a first time encounter.

  7. Que Buena Onda – If you really want to impress the locals, add this slang to your vocabulary. It literally means good wave aka “awesome!”

  8. Utz – Pronounced 'ootz', it means “good” in the Mayan language of Kaqchikel.

  9. Choka – High Five

  10. Vos – If you want to speak like a Guatemalan then say this after every third word that comes out of your mouth. Guatemalan’s use this word as filler and conversation starter which mean “you”when talking to a close friend.

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    Hiptipico's Top 5 Guatemala Fashion Terms:

    1. Huipil – Pronounced “wee-peel” this is the traditional embroidered blouse worn by indigenous women. All are hand-woven on a back strap loom and each village has its own huipil design depending on their culture. Many patterns have ancient meanings.

    2. Corte – The traditional skirt that Maya women wear. It is wrapped around their waste and held tight with an embroidered belt.

    3. Tela – Describing woven fabric used as textiles not as garb.

    4. Faja – The traditional wrap belt used to secure the women’s corte.

    5. Mostacilla – Beads!


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