A simple tip to travel more sustainably

Here at Hiptipico, we are passionate about supporting other social businesses, especially ones that work towards empowering local communities and preserving culture. One of our most recent discoveries is Good.travel, a sustainable hotel booking platform based in Barcelona! Our founder, Alyssa recently met the team in Spain and shared so much useful information with us!

Good.travel curated a list of sustainable, mindful and culturally responsible hotels and to make it easier for us to find and book them. Currently they have over 500 hotels in their network and are adding new options every day. And these sustainable hotel options are not just eco-friendly but Good.travel also highlights hotels that support the local community and are a safe space for minorities. Many of the hotels on their platform actually collaborate with their local communities, invest in hiring minorities, support cultural landmarks and even furnish their spaces with artisan goods.

So, the next time you go to plan a trip, be sure to check in over at good.travel to find and book a sustainable hotel. They will certainly provide you with more authentic, unique and purposeful hotels options than any other hotel booking site. Here are a few examples of hotels in their curated collection:

The Yeatman Hotel, Portugal: Preserving heritage and legacy through luxury

Cap Rocat, Spain: Respect for the environment and pride in Mallorca's natural and cultural history serve as the cornerstones of their ideology.

COCO-MAT, Greece: Emphasizing the importance of being in touch with nature in every aspect of the guest experience.


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