Lakefront Fundraiser with Puppies!

We all joined together in Panajachel for a waterfront fundraiser to support the local organization AYUDA that helps sterilize and vaccinate stray dogs around Lake Atitlán. And to start off, the views from @clubazulrosa were spectacular!

hiptipico lake atitlan

We at Hiptipico love to support other initiatives to better the livelihoods of those in Guatemala. Stray dogs and cats also have a large impact on the health and safety of the local community. While we are doing our part to create jobs and opportunities for indigenous people, their wellbeing is extremely multidimensional. Not feeling safe to walk to work because of rabid dogs is a very real concern. And worrying about unsanitary street dogs entering onto to your property spreading other infestations is common. In order to raise more money for rabies vaccinations, sterilization clinics and flea medicine, Hiptipico donated our new Piper Day Bag and 3 tipico bags with Cafe Loco Coffee to the silent auction at AYUDA's fundraiser. Alongside the silent auctions, the event featured free yoga classes, a puppy kissing booth, and live music all in a dog-friendly environment. 

Hiptipico Yoga Mat, Handmade Yoga Mat

Hiptipico Huipil, Guatemalan Blouse, Handmade in Guatemala

If you want to show your support and help stray animals in Guatemala - you can purchase a handmade dog collar here and we'll donate 10% back to AYUDA and their local animal clinic. 

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Piper Day Bag                            Embroidered Huipil

Hiptipico Piper Day Bag, Guatemalan Weekender, Free People Bag

             Hiptipico Huipil, Guatemalan Blouse


Mixta Yoga Strap                         Multi-Color Dog Collar

Free People Yoga Bag, Hiptipico Yoga                      Hiptipico Dog Collar


Cafe Loco Coffee

Cafe Loco Coffee Hiptipico-- 

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