Behind the Lens: Interview with Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado, is Hiptipico's Marketing and Operations Director. Originally from Xela, Diana had a longing desire to explore her country and show the beauty of its people and landscapes. With that, Diana moved to Panajachel  to begin her journey with Hiptipico. With a degree in Hotel Management, Diana focuses more on the administrative, managerial and financial side of Hiptipico's operations - while also delighting us with her amazing photography skills. 

When and why did you first get into photography?

Three years ago I joined Instagram and I found a group of people who were posting different types of pictures and I wanted to give it a try. I said to myself, “how are they any different or better than you?” so I started taking pictures! I didn’t know anything about photography then, but my friends taught me a lot.

You’ve come a long way in three years! What is it that you try to accomplish with your photos and what do you love most about photography?

I strive to make people feel something. My favorite part is the community that I’ve found with Instagram and photography; I love the opportunities that I get to travel and meet people, ones that I never would’ve gotten before.  

When do you feel most creative?

I like having time and space to develop my ideas. My house in Pana has an incredible garden with lots of plants and flowers--it’s been nice to walk around in the garden and think about what I want to do next. I also draw inspiration from the instagram community  I love the account @fotolucida run by my friend Handra. Her photos tell a story, they take you to another place.


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(Elmer, el Triunfo by Diana Alvarado for Hiptipico)

What’s your favorite subject to shoot and why?

I love shooting landscapes and couples. The natural landscapes of Guatemala are inspiring and I want to share that beauty with people around the world. I have only done a few couples photoshoots but I love capturing their chemistry, the way they make each other laugh.

At Hiptipico, authenticity is a core value. What does being authentic mean to you?

Being authentic is doing what you like without caring what others say. For artists especially, being authentic means not copying what other people are doing and instead creating your own ideas and shaping them in your own way.

What do you love about working at Hiptipico?

A lot of things, but my favorite part is working directly with our artisans and hearing their stories. I also love how we share ideas and work hard together as a team.

Hiptipico, travel guatemala, guatemala photography, travel blog

(Rosa, San Juan la Laguna by Diana Alvarado for Hiptipico)

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts right now?

Out of Guatemala City, I mainly am inspired by @ssserotonin

What’s your favorite camera to shoot on? Favorite filter?

My favorite camera is the Nikon D5200 because it was my first camera ever; the one that I learned on! My favorite VSCO filters are A6, M5, and NC.

What does the future hold for you?

I want to travel, I’d love to get to Yosemite next year!

Hiptipico, travel guatemala, guatemala photography, travel blog

(Alyssa, Panajachel by Diana Alvarado for Hiptipico)

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Shy and sensitive, but adventurous.

How would your friends describe you?

Loyal, funny, talkative (sometimes), and driven.  

What is your advice for aspiring photographers?

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Find something that inspires you, find your own style, and other people will be able to feel that passion come through in your work.

Pick only one: chocolate, cheese or coffee.

Chocolate! You can make so many things with chocolate. But oh, tortilla con queso… Uuf.

(Francisca, Panajachel by Diana Alvarado for Hiptipico)

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