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She is Not Lost in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala | Ethical Travel

Recently, Carina Otero of popular instagram travel blog She Is Not Lost joined us in Guatemala! She flew down to explore our ethical travel program with hopes of sharing a unique travel story with her audience. Now a days, travel blogging is a large part of our media and Carina was determined to use her platform to promote more sustainable and ethical options for all the instagrammers out there.


Our most memorable experience was introducing Carina to our female artisan partners. In a short time we were able to visit weaving cooperatives in both Santa Catarina Palopó and San Juan la Laguna. We visited Teresa’s house, where Carina tried her hand at weaving using a traditional backstrap loom. We enjoyed time with the family and embraced the local indigenous lifestyle.

Santa Catarina Hiptipico Artisan Immersion Tour:


On the road from Panajachel towards San Antonio Palopó, you will find the secluded resort of Tzampoc. Characterized by discreet charm and quiet simplicity, Tzampoc Resort was our choice for Carina's travel. Offering both boutique style rooms or weeklong villa rentals, this hotel has the most incredible view of Lake Atitlans volcanos. Their infinity pool and vast botanical gardens offered a charm we couldn't resist. Not to mention, the most instagrammable nooks around every corner! 

Tzampoc Resort, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala:


In San Juan la Laguna, we participated in a demonstration of the natural dye process, from picking the elements to tinting the cotton. Our longterm artisan partner Rosa walked us through the antique process that has been passed down from generation to generation. Using only natural elements, we were able to use bark from a tree to naturally dye the thread purple. In an era when we are so used to chemically induced colors, it was a refreshing experience!

San Juan la Laguna Hiptipico Weaving + Dyeing Workshop:


On the boat ride to San Juan, stop at the town right before, San Marcos la Laguna. Here you will find Lush Atitlan, an eco-resort most known for its expansive gardens and rooms nestled into the side of the mountain. Constructed with environmentally friendly materials and staff with locals, this retreat is our top choice!

Lush Atitlan, San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan:

Want to join us on the ground in Guatemala? We offer travel design for volunteers, students, and families plus professional sourcing trips for designers, boutiques and brands.

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Loved the hotels we stayed at on Lake Atitlan?

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