Alyssa's San Diego Travel Guide

A quick recap of my time exploring San Diego!

Since we are trying to make SoCal our base in the States, I took some time to really explore the area. While I had some fun, this was much more about getting a feel for the people and activities going on in the city! I made it a point to visit almost every single neighborhood in San Diego (and North County).

What I noticed was, everything is about 12 minutes away and very accessible via car. While the city is quite spread out, the highways are thoughtfully placed and there wasn't even that much traffic. If you are in town visiting, planning a vacation, or looking to move - here is a quick rundown of a few memorable spots in San Diego. 


Demographic: 30's | Character: Bar Scene | Good For: Date Night 

If you like beer, there is a brewery on every corner. 

The North Park, California neighborhood mural wall
"You Are Radient" mural in North Park, California with fashion blogger Alyssaya posing in front of it.


Demographic: All Ages | Character: Hippie Beach Scene | Good For: Vacation

If you don't mind the hippie vibe, this beach town can accommodate both a family beach outing during the day with 21+ nightlife in the evening. 

A relaxing view of the ocean and the waves at Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA
A relaxing view of the ocean and the waves at Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA


Demographic: Hipster | Character: Up and Coming | Good For: Daily Life

If you want to be a local, spend your time in Little Italy. Lots of great newwave coffee shops and restaurants popping up (obv Italian Food!)

A nighttime glance into the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego, full of lights and an airplane landing in the background

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, and Hiptipico founder Alyssaya poses in front of a coffee shop holding two coffee cups in San Diego, CA



Demographic: Family | Character: Recreational  | Good For: Weekend Activity

If you like to be active, stop by and rent any watersport by the hour and enjoy the calm bay breeze. 

Hiptipico founder and lifestyle blogger Alyssaya riding the waves in Mission Bay
A photo of Mission Bay Sportscenter from the view of someone waiting in line for a paddle board rental


Demographic: Affluent | Character: Classic California Beach | Good For: Shopping, Eating, Beaching

An extremely livable city (Encinitas) - shops, restaurants and friendly faces on every corner. No wonder it's one of the most desirable places to settle down. 

A view of the waves at Moonlight Beach in San Diego, CA
A perfect sunny summer afternoon at Moonlight Bay Beach, San Diego, CA

Old Town: 

Demographic: Tourists | Character: "Mexican" | Good For: Time Filler

If you like being a tourist, this historical town feels like a theme park displaying Southern California during colonization. But good tacos and music!

A sunny weekend adventure in Old Town, San Diego to see the trolleys and the other old time vibes.
Alyssa standing in a cactus pose in front of a large cactus in Old Town.


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