Artisanal Pom Ornament - 001
Artisanal Pom Ornament - 001
Artisanal Pom Ornament - 001

Artisanal Pom Ornament - 001


Product Details:

Includes 3 Ornaments

Actual Pom Ornaments Pictured

These fun pom's are irresistible this holiday season. The easy to loop construction offers endless styling possibilities. Add to your tree, hang over a doorway or attach to any zipper. Using scraps from our other projects, this ornament is crafted using all repurposed textiles.


100% Cotton. Pom detail.


No two ornaments are the same! Hiptipico prides itself on uniqueness and authenticity. Every Hiptipico product is 100% handmade and has the human touch of the weaver and maker in each stitch. This makes our products uniquely charming and distinct from factory-made accessories. No two are exactly same and imperfections are to be expected and appreciated. 

Community Impact:  

These ornaments are part of our Market Collection, which features textiltreasures from Maya villages all around Guatemala, a country world famous for its intricate textiles and hand-embroidery. This collection is all about art appreciation and revival! When purchasing huipiles for crafting our artisanal bags, we make it our priority to select only textiles that could no longer be worn to truly give them a second life.Shop knowing exactly the woman weaver behind your product!


Approx 18" long


Origin: Chichicastenango, Quiché

Ethnicity: Maya K'iche'

Originally from the culturally rich village of Chichicastenango, Lydia grew up surrounded by textiles and embroideries. As a young girl she frollicked amongst patterns and colors as her mother sold used traditional clothing at the local market. Her family has sourced traditional Mayan textiles for years and Lydia proudly maintains her culture by continuing in the family business. She graciously wears her native garb, speaks the indigenous language K'iche' and is passing all her cultural knowledge down to her children.

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