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Artisanal Face Mask - Criss Cross Bundle
Artisanal Face Mask - Criss Cross Bundle
Artisanal Face Mask - Criss Cross Bundle
Artisanal Face Mask - Criss Cross Bundle

Artisanal Face Mask - Criss Cross Bundle



Product Details:

ASSORTED BUNDLE. Each mask is handmade using 100% recycled textiles from the region of Totonicapan and is actually scraps of fabric leftover from the poufs. We are all about appreciating and preserving indigenous textiles, so we always want to use every bit of the woven design. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Thank you for wanting to rock artisan-made masks during this pandemic. Your support helps ensure we are able to provide our artisans with a dignified job opportunity instead of them looking elsewhere to receive handouts.

And please remember these are for fashion use only. We did our best to designed them to fit over a professional surgical mask. This Mask is washable and reusable.


3 Artisanal Face Mask. 100% Cotton. Triple-Layered. Inside Lining and Backing. White elastic attachments.


No two masks are the same! Hiptipico prides itself on uniqueness and authenticity. Every Hiptipico product is 100% handmade and has the human touch of the weaver and maker in each stitch. This makes our products uniquely charming and distinct from factory-made accessories. No two are exactly the same and imperfections are to be expected and appreciated. 

Community Impact:  

This mask is part of our Zero Waste Collection, which features textiltreasures from indigenous villages all around Guatemala, a country world-famous for its intricate textiles and hand-embroidery. This collection is all about art appreciation and revival! When purchasing huipiles for crafting our artisanal bags, we make it our priority to select only textiles that could no longer be worn to truly give them a second life.


This mask is NOT a medical, surgical mask or N-95 respirators. CDC guidelines now recommend wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

The Mask is not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment. If you need that type of equipment please consult a healthcare professional.

And remember using this Mask does not replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to follow CDC guidelines, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and refrain from touching your face.


Crisscross Elastic: 8'' length 

W 4'' x L 7''



Don Vicente and his family have a quaint home workshop and local storefront in Panajachel. He comes from a family of rural sheep farmers and at a young age, he moved to Pana to start his own business producing a more extensive line of artisan goods using high quality materials and genuine leather. Over the years, he and his wife Ofelia have designed and perfectly curated a collection with unbeatable craftsmanship. They are a passionate family dedicated to incorporating the authentic indigenous culture into their work and passing these artisanal techniques down to their children. Now his son is the manager of their storefront and their daughters help with client relations which includes collaborating with us! We love being able to work alongside the next generation and create beautiful designs in teamwork with Don Vicente and his family!