Ethical Trade: Artisan Partnership + Support

Hiptipico partners with local artisans to source all of our items, and pays them a fair price, set by the artisans themselves. Hiptipico ensures all of its artisan partners have received training and support around budgeting for raw materials and pricing appropriately to reflect their time and effort. Through this partnership, Hiptipico helps Mayan artisans gain access to the free market and ensures a fair price for their goods, while bringing our customers access to high-quality, individually hand-crafted works designed by local artisans and produced through traditional Mayan weaving techniques.

This model maintains the authenticity of our artisans’ work, while providing them with the opportunity to make a fair wage in order to provide a sustainable living for their families. When needed, Hiptipico has also provided emergency funding for medical bills, scholarships and school supplies for the artisans’ children, and financing for materials and supplies.

Learn more about our how we work with our artisan partners here. Meet our artisans here.  


Giving Back + Investment in the Community

Hiptipico is committed to giving back to and investing in the local community in Guatemala. 

We choose education because we believe its work has the potential to break the poverty cycle, and eliminate the gender gap and educational deficit for Guatemalan women, which can bring long-lasting change to the community at large as these women become mothers, businesswomen and community leaders.

Hiptipico staff also dedicate one day per month for volunteering in their home base of Panajachel.

Come back soon to learn more about our newest community partnership!


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