Rosalinda and the Lema Association

Rosalinda, Guatemala, Hiptipico, Ethical Fashion, Natural Dye, Organic, Ecofriendly

Origin: San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala
Ethnicity: Maya Tz’utujil
The Lema Asociation is a women’s cooperative that uses purely traditional Maya techniques to create their handmade products. Using plants to dye the real cotton fabric, Lema’s items are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Rosalinda started the Lema Association after learning more about her ancestors’ handicraft methods. Spending hours speaking with her grandmother about these ancient techniques, Rosa began experimenting dying fabric with these traditional plants. She has now joined with other women of the Maya Tzu’tujil origin to keep these practices alive. These women have joined together and successfully have their own store full of table clothes, hammocks, scarves, pillows, slippers, and much more.
Products: Scarves Naturally Dyed by Rosalinda