Business Model

Hiptipico’s business model is built on trust, transparency and mutual respect. Hiptipico’s full-time staff and founder are based in Panajachel, Guatemala allowing them to create personal relationships with each individual artisan partner. Unlike other brands, Hiptipico is not simply a buyer stopping through once or twice a year or an independent designer. Hiptipico is a curated collection of authentic artisan-level products.
Hiptipico's unique collection features various artisans - all indigenous, all worthy of global recognition, all able to compete at the highest level. While Maya artisans in Guatemala did not go to fashion design school they can compete with the best of the best in the fashion industry. Their techniques have been perfected across generations and Hiptipico’s model is to simply create access for their products to reach the global fashion marketplace.
Empowering artisans is our main initiative. Allowing Maya artisans to make decisions about their crafts, gain opportunities for their family business and bring their own designs to fruition. At Hiptipico, we believe that people have the right to determine how to lift themselves out of poverty.
We are transparent with our artisans and customers about our prices. The majority of Hiptipico’s artisan partners are experts in their field and have their own prices pre-determined. But also, Hiptipico works closely with the smaller cooperatives and women’s weaving groups to determine their fair page based on the cost of materials and hours of labor plus overall value of their product.

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