Harmony Laptop Case 13" - 2204 Cynthia
Harmony Laptop Case 13" - 2204 Cynthia
Harmony Laptop Case 13" - 2204 Cynthia
Harmony Laptop Case 13" - 2204 Cynthia
Harmony Laptop Case 13" - 2204 Cynthia

Harmony Laptop Case 13" - 2204 Cynthia



Product Details:

Carry your laptop computer in style with this handmade carrying case featuring a colorful huipil textile design. The unique laptop case was crafted by our artisan partner Don Vicente and Ofelia in a small home workshop and the huipil was sustainably sourced from our long-term artisan partner Lydia at the textile market.


    Lightly padded.

    High-Quality Zipper

    Interior Storage Pockets 


    No two cases are the same! Hiptipico prides itself on uniqueness and authenticity. Every Hiptipico product is 100% handmade and has the human touch of the weaver and maker in each stitch. This makes our products uniquely charming and distinct from factory-made accessories. No two are exactly the same and imperfections are to be expected and appreciated. 

    Community Impact: 

    This bag is part of our Zero Waste Collection, which features textiltreasures from indigenous villages all around Guatemala, a country world-famous for its intricate textiles and hand-embroidery. This collection is all about art appreciation and revival! When purchasing huipiles for crafting our artisanal bags, we make it our priority to select only textiles that could no longer be worn to truly give them a second life.

    Hiptipico leather accessories are crafted and designed by local artisans in small home workshops. These artisanal workshops are indigenous-owned and purchasing items with these vendors supports a small local business, motivates local entrepreneurial spirits and stimulates the local economy.


    Please make sure to check your laptop model and dimensions as this sleeve will fit most standard 13" models, but might be too snug for older models.

    Measurements: 13" long x 9" height x 16" diagonal. 


    Originally from the culturally rich village of Chichicastenango, Maria and her family have been in the used textile business for over 20 years now! Doña María is the matriarch of her family and total jefa managing various stalls in markets across Guatemala. Her children Edgar and Lidia have continued their family's legacy and are known for sourcing some of the best vintage pieces honoring all the huipiles of Guatemala. To show their loyalty to their Maya roots, all the women in Maria's family graciously wear their traditional garb, speak the indigenous language K'iche' and are passing all this cultural knowledge down to their children, Maria's grandchildren!


    Don Vicente and his family have a quaint home workshop and local storefront in Panajachel. He comes from a family of rural sheep farmers and at a young age, he moved to Pana to start his own business producing a more extensive line of artisan goods using high quality materials and genuine leather. Over the years, he and his wife Ofelia have designed and perfectly curated a collection with unbeatable craftsmanship. They are a passionate family dedicated to incorporating the authentic indigenous culture into their work and passing these artisanal techniques down to their children. Now his son is the manager of their storefront and their daughters help with client relations which includes collaborating with us! We love being able to work alongside the next generation and create beautiful designs in teamwork with Don Vicente and his family!