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Embroidered Huipil: Chajul

Embroidered Huipil: Chajul


Original embroidered huipil from the Maya village Chajul in the Ixil region of Guatemala. Woven by indigenous women on a traditional back-strap loom. 

3 units = $30.00 each
6 units = $28.00 each
8 units = $26.00 each
12+ units = $24.00 each


Huipil: A huipil is a simple shaped blouse with impeccable hand-embroidered detailing. Huipiles are woven in panels on a backstrap loom by a female artisan. Every Maya village has their own unique signature represented in their garments. 

Style: Depictions of birds and geometric patterns are traditional to this area making for a unique textile to work with. Approx dimensions 25" x 27" but the embellishment does not make up the entire area. When seams are opened, full material doubles in length with a cutout for head hole. 

Wholesale Policy 
Disclaimer: Each blouse is used, vintage and has imperfections. Every Hiptipico huipil is handmade by Maya artisans which produces one-of-a-kind variations. This makes them uniquely charming and distinct from factory-made clothing.

Processing: Please allow 2 weeks for your order to process prior to shipping.

Shipping: Hiptipico covers shipping costs on orders over $1000.00! Buyer is responsible for any additional custom fees.

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