Renegade Convertible Bag Mini- 348
Renegade Convertible Bag Mini- 348
Renegade Convertible Bag Mini- 348
Renegade Convertible Bag Mini- 348
Renegade Convertible Bag Mini- 348
Renegade Convertible Bag Mini- 348

Renegade Convertible Bag Mini- 348



Product Details:

Actual Bag Pictured Crafted with Full-Grain Leather. Leather Side Pockets. Woven Huipil Featured Around Entire Bag.

This Mini Artisanal Convertible Bag begs to tag along with you each day! The eye-catching colors and intricate pattern of the woven body come from an authentic Maya huipil from Cobán. Incorporating leather side pockets allows us to use beautifully vintage textiles that may include imperfections due to expected wear and tear. This textile was sustainably sourced from our long-standing artisan partners at the textile market in Panajachel. 


Includes Pom. Dust bag. Artisan card. Friendship bracelet. 

Mini Convertible Day Bag | Full-Grain Leather | Metal Hardware | Gold Zipper | Removable Backpack and Shoulder Straps | Outer Pocket | Two Leather Side Pockets | Multiple Inside Pockets | Additional Inside Storage 

Convertible Style:

Removable straps for a comfortable wear 3 different ways! Our convertible bags are the perfect size for daily use. Convenient front zipper pocket keeps phone or passport accessible with two additional interior pockets. Embroidered straps sold separately.


No two bags are the same! Hiptipico prides itself on uniqueness and authenticity. Every Hiptipico product is 100% handmade and has the human touch of the weaver and maker in each stitch. This makes our products uniquely charming and distinct from factory-made accessories. No two are exactly same and imperfections are to be expected and appreciated. 

Community Impact: 

This bag is part of our Market Collection, which features textiltreasures from Maya villages all around Guatemala, a country world famous for its intricate textiles and hand-embroidery. This collection is all about art appreciation and revival! When purchasing huipiles for crafting our artisanal bags, we make it our priority to select only textiles that could no longer be worn to truly give them a second life.

Dimensions: Height 10", Full Length Across 16", Zipper Length 11", Bag Body Across 12.5", Bag Width Including Pockets 16", Base Depth 5", Handle Drop 7"


Origin: Patzún, Chimaltenango

Ethnicity: Maya Kaqchikel

Doña Elena, Doña Juana and Helencita are our favorite vendors to visit at the Panajachel market. Their families have been selling at this market for close to 20 years and they have the most incredible collection of huipiles from their village Patzún. These huipiles are most easily identified by their gorgeous embroidered flowers at the bust with a maroon striping woven body to follow. All of the Patzún textiles we use are sustainably sourced from Dona Elena and your purchase supports this hard-working female artisan family.

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